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Haas VF7 Precision CNC machining

WZ Tool offers milling, drilling, tapping, and boring for made to order parts.   We have four Haas machines on site:

VF2 (2)    Table Size: 16" x 30"   Max work piece thickness: 20"

VF5 (1)    Table Size: 26" x 50"   Max work piece thickness: 25" (2019)

VF7 (1)    Table Size: 32" x 84"   Max work piece thickness: 30" (2019)

We serve many customers by providing Precision CNC Machining of parts to customer drawings and specifications.  Our staff will work with customers on design improvements in order to make the machining process more efficient, improve product quality, and cost for the customer. 

Some of the materials we machine are  A2, CRS, D2, M2, M4, 300 Series SS, 420SS, 4140, 6160, and various types of tool steel.

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