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Precision Grinding  - We can grind anything from squaring blocks to contour grinding to customer specifications.


      Surface grinding is normally used to grind plain, flat, smooth surfaces.  This                type of grinding allows for close tolerance finishes of plates. 

      Contour grinding is used when a part needs an angle, radius, feature or shape          added to a part.

WZ Tool offers both automatic water and manual surface grinding. 

Sizes of our automatic water grinders:

      Okamoto    Table Size: 12" x 24"    

      Okamoto    Table Size: 24" x 36" 

      Mattison     Table Size: 24" x 48"     

Sizes of our manual surface grinders:


      Mitsui (3)    Table Size: 6" x 12"    

      Mitsui (1)    Table Size: 6" x 18"

Some materials we grind are A2, D2, M2, M4, S7 and various types of tool steel.  

Automatic Surface Grinders used WZ Tool Inc. located in Genoa City, WI
Surface Grinders used at WZ Tool Inc in WI.
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